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I could blather on about TV for hours. Granted, there is some absolute bilge on at the moment but there are also some gems out there, both new and old. I think that almost every entry in my personal journal could be about TV in one way or another so in order not to bore everyone rigid I decided to create this group. The plan is for it to be a TV discussion group/community not devoted to just one show, genre or set of characters but, well, anything and everything – new stuff, old stuff, the things we love, the things we hate… whatever. It might not take off of course but if anyone is interested and wants to talk TV then please do join me. And feel free to pimp the group anywhere you see fit!

Members are actively encouraged to post and comment. There aren't any rules as such but please:

* Put spoilers under a cut and let people know there are spoilers under there;
* Put any large images/image heavy posts under a cut;
* Be polite and respectful to other members. I'm all for healthy debate and disagreement - after all, the tellyverse would be a very boring place if we all only liked the same things - but we can do that debating and disagreeing nicely.

Now, let's talk telly.

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