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The Paranormal Channel

 Sky launched The Paranormal Channel this week and already I'm addicted!  

I've not had a chance to sit down and  devote a whole day or so in watching this gem, but any channel showing re-runs of Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious Worlds is made of total win! :-)  What cracked me up were the array of people being interviewed about their experiences of the 'paranormal'.  These representatives of the great British Public  can only be described the love-children of  The League of Gentlemen's Edward and Tubbs! lol!  

Also, it harks back to a time when we, as a nation, were not so media savvy as we are now. No digital reconstructions or pretending to transport Arthur C back to Dark Ages.   The so-called 'experts' looked as if they  were just hauled out of their little laboratories or their seats of academia to literally read their lines off cue-cards. They were endearingly eccentric without having to appear on I'm A Celebrity or by advertising their own brand of cooking sauces. ;-)

I'll definitely report back soon with more from this channel. :-) 


Jun. 18th, 2008 07:26 pm (UTC)
It's on channel 212. :-)

Ooo! Keep your eyes peeled for those jobs with the production company! :-D

btw: Karl and Stuart have filmed a new series called "Whines and Spirits" in which they investigate haunted pubs around the country. Nice job! ;-)

Lou and I were amused by today's episodes of Arthur C, which focussed on crystal skulls, considering the main theme in the latest Indiana Jones film. *g*

This was followed by an episode about the Yeti and Big Foot legends. We both came to the conclusion that the good people of Nepel were having a bit of laugh at the Westeners' expense. It didn't help that one of the men who had led an expendition to find the Yeti looked and sounded as if he should be played by John Cleese! LOL!