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Spooks: Code 9

Hello! First post here :D

I thought I'd post about BBC Three's new drama 'Spooks: Code 9'. I've been looking forward to this for quite a while because it has Andrew Knott (from The History Boys, Drop Dead Gorgeous, a few episodes of Gavin & Stacey and, er, The Secret Garden when he was about 5) in it and I'm a big fan of his. I've also watched the main 'Spooks' on and off since it started.

I don't know if I'm the age at which they're aiming the series (it gets harder to tell as I get older!) but if the fact that it's on BBC3 doesn't inform you they're aiming for a younger audience, all the drinking, swearing and shagging will. Sometimes it's a little obvious, but in most places it works.

I actually really liked it. It's the year 2013 and a nuclear bomb has gone off in London. The city's been evacuated and control has shifted north. MI5 have lost a lot experienced operatives and need to restructure; setting up field offices and recruiting younger spies. While the scenario is a bit unbelievable, it's an interesting concept. I liked the exploration of the mistakes they might make and how they would deal with situations as virtually raw recruits with a major lack of experience and not much help.

The characters are slightly boxy and typical so far, but it's only two episodes in. Apart from Andy's character Rob, my favourite is Vik because he's got a very dry sense of humour. The first two episodes have set up some intriguing potential story arcs - especially Jez and Kylie's situations - and possibly some love rivalry.

And I totally didn't realise Kylie was played by Georgia Moffett, the Doctor's daughter! She looks so different. My least favourite character though. Possibly because she's not acted very well. Ahem.

I'd recommend it though, definitely. On iPlayer until Sunday.

TV induced despair

I’m not having the best telly week. Two of my favourite shows have ended and while both have ended brilliantly, both have also left me in a bit of a funk.

Firstly, the current series of Ideal drew to a close on Monday night. I have never met anyone else who watches Ideal, so if you do now is the time to speak up. This series has been excellent and very funny but good lord, talk about pathos at the end. After a shootout in Moz’s flat between Stemroach and Cartoon Head, Moz howled in anguish as he realised his huge, flatscreen telly had taken a bullet. It was only after that we realised sweet-but-desperately-ditzy Jenny had also been caught in the crossfire. As she lay in Moz’s arms on the floor, waiting for the ambulance, she whispered, “After I’ve died, though, I’ll be alright won’t I?”. I had lump in my throat. British comedy does tragicomedy exceptionally well and as the camera panned out for the final shot, we were left slightly stunned and most definitely not laughing.

I’ve no idea whether Ideal will be back for another series and, if so, whether Jenny will have made it or not but this episode seemed quite final. Nicky has moved out, Psycho Paul has left the gang (turning his back on his criminal ways to go shoplifting in Anne Summers with Tanya), Colin and Carmel have gone to Spain, Stemroach is dead (probably), Judith has glued her wasp mask back on… it seemed like it could be the end. I really hope it isn’t, though.

And then last night, my beloved Battlestar Galactica finished for it’s mid-season break. Break my arse, though, as apparently it won’t be back until 2009 - please can someone explain to me how that is a “mid-season break” and not just the end of a series?! Admittedly I suppose it’s just a matter of semantics but either way, it’s not back on until next year and I am distinctly unchuffed – bereft, even – about being left hanging with such precious few episodes left until the end of the final season.

In some ways, though, it might be a good thing as at least it means that I get another few months of BSG-induced excitement before the last ever episode. The end has been nigh for some time now and since this series started, with each episode that has passed I have thought “well, that’s another one down”. In other ways, though, I have been in denial and while the story has been rolling merrily along from week to week with no real resolution in sight I have been able to kid myself that it would simply keep on going. Last night, however, a couple of major things happened that suddenly drove home the realisation that yes, this actually is the last series and yes, it actually is going to come to an end. And that increased my telly-funk no end.

Still, it's not all bad news in the Tellyverse and I have brand new Family Guy, Chuck, My Name Is Earl, Heroes, Reaper and the so-bad-it's-quite-compelling new rendering of Flash Gordon to keep me entertained in the coming weeks - although Family Guy, Heroes, Flash and, I fear, Chuck are all nearing the end of their current runs. Even so, that little lot should keep me going for at least a little bit; certainly long enough to lift the funk anyway.

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The Paranormal Channel

 Sky launched The Paranormal Channel this week and already I'm addicted!  

I've not had a chance to sit down and  devote a whole day or so in watching this gem, but any channel showing re-runs of Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious Worlds is made of total win! :-)  What cracked me up were the array of people being interviewed about their experiences of the 'paranormal'.  These representatives of the great British Public  can only be described the love-children of  The League of Gentlemen's Edward and Tubbs! lol!  

Also, it harks back to a time when we, as a nation, were not so media savvy as we are now. No digital reconstructions or pretending to transport Arthur C back to Dark Ages.   The so-called 'experts' looked as if they  were just hauled out of their little laboratories or their seats of academia to literally read their lines off cue-cards. They were endearingly eccentric without having to appear on I'm A Celebrity or by advertising their own brand of cooking sauces. ;-)

I'll definitely report back soon with more from this channel. :-) 

Peep Show - series six confirmed

Good news for Peep Show fans as Channel 4 has confirmed that series six has been commissioned and is expected to air in 2009. According to an article on Digital Spy, Andrew Newman, head of comedy and entertainment at Channel 4, said: "With its rich mix of top writing, production and performance, I am enjoying the current series so much, I can't wait until next year."

Neither can I. Even though I thought that the current series got off to a slightly shaky start (the first episode was good but it wasn't quite up to par and had me thinking "uh-oh..." a couple of times) subsequent episodes have seen a full return to form and the rest of the series looks equally promising. News of at least one more series is very welcome indeed.


I'm not too well at the moment so haven't really been keeping on top of this group at all - sorry. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon, especially as there's a lot of good stuff on just now, most notably the new series of Peep Show, which has proved to be as good as hoped and, of course, BSG.

So, what is everyone else watching at the moment? New stuff? Old stuff? DVD's? Please feel free to post about it!

Battlestar Galactica owns my soul

Another week, another excellent episode of BSG. And, much as I hate to say it, another step closer to the end – but we’ll not dwell on that just yet.

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Scrubs to return on ABC

Initially it seemed as though season seven of Scrubs would be it's last after NBC decided it didn't want the show any longer. Rumours of a possible move to rival network ABC have been floating around for a while now, but according to a story in The Hollywood Reporter yesterday (here) it seems as though the deal has been done and production is already underway on series 8.


Peter Kay to spoof reality TV shows

After Paul Watson's dig at reality shows at the BAFTAs (see this entry), Peter Kay is now set to spoof the genre in his new show, Britain's Got The Pop Factor. According to today's Mirror, BGTPF will feature an array of acts including a girl band composed of elderly women and four black dwarves in a group called Men Two Boyz. Kay himself will also star, as a transsexual singer.

A Channel 4 insider said Kay wanted "to make a point about reality TV in a non-PC but funny way". The full article can be found here.


Blakes return

Sky One is planning to bring back Blakes 7 (one of my all time favourites!), initially for two hour-long specials. Considering the shoot-out at the end of the final series, which saw all of the crew dead with the exception of Avon, whose fate was left slightly ambiguous, it will be interesting to see how/if they use the original characters or opt for some new ones. Personally I shall be hoping for the originals.

Given the success of the BSG remake, this could be very good. And if they can find it in them to give the mighty Paul Darrow a role, then I shall be a very happy girl indeed!


Ideal Heroes

Sometimes just sitting down and reading your TV Guide really pays off! This morning, while browsing, I discovered that there is a new series of Ideal, the Johnny Vegas comedy, starting on BBC3 on Monday. I haven't seen any adverts for it at all, so thank you TV & Satellite Week!

The second season of Heroes got off to a cracking start on Thursday. Set four months after the climax of series one, everyone has moved on and are trying to regain some sense of normality. Clearly the intervening four months have been kinder to some than others - the Bennett-Butlers have started a new life, Mohinder is touring the world with his theories and Matt has finally made detective while looking after Molly, but Nathan, always so self-assured and ambitious, has fallen apart and Hiro is still stuck in 17th century Japan. It will be interesting to see how things pan out and catch up with the other originals, like Nikki and Micah, who didn't feature in the opening episode and, of course, to find out just *why* Peter has ended up in a container in a shipyard in Cork... There is, of course, also great scope to bring in new characters this series too and already Maya and Alejandro are very promising. It's great to have it back!