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Gratuitous Boosh post.

Today's post is a gratuitous Mighty Boosh post - for no real reason, just because I can! I haven't heard anything yet about a fourth series but there is a movie in the offing, in conjunction with BBC Films, and a live tour at the end of this year. I have my tickets at the ready!

In the meantime, here is a couple of Boosh gems. Enjoy!

Even Steven & BSG

In “The Opposite”, Jerry Seinfeld becomes Even Steven because things just keep breaking even for him – he loses a gig, a few hours later he gets hired for a new one; he misplaces $20, he finds $20 in the pocket of a coat he hasn’t worn for months.

I’m not generally quite so lucky, but I’ve experienced TV Even Steven myself recently (er, Teeven Steven? Maybe not… ). Two things I have really been enjoying have, rather annoyingly, come to an end – The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Gavin & Stacey - and yet, in the same fortnight, both Battlestar Galactica (more of which below) and Heroes are returning with new series. The same fortnight! See, Even Steven.

And yet it doesn’t end there, oh no. Clearly the Gods of the Tellyverse are feeling mightily beneficent because I have also just found out that the new series of Peep Show is starting on May 2nd. If you haven’t yet discovered the joy that is Peep Show, I heartily recommend it because it’s comedy gold. Plus, in my opinion Mitchell and Webb are far funnier when they are playing Mark and Jeremy than they are in their own sketch show, That Mitchell and Webb Look. Admittedly, their sketch show has it’s moments of genius (Sir Digby Chicken Caesar will always make me chuckle) but it often doesn’t live up to it’s potential and sometimes does M&W a bit of a disservice in the process.

Of course, in Even Steven land this leaves us with a bit of a problem as we’re now running at 3-2. That means there could be trouble afoot in the Tellyverse… Keep ‘em peeled.

Heroes doesn’t start here until tomorrow night but the final season of Battlestar Galactica is three episodes in and rollicking along at a fair pace. Spoilers under the cut.

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The BBC website is carrying a story about a new three-part series from Craig Cash (The Royle Family, Early Doors) and Phil Mealey.

Sunshine will star Steve Coogan as Bing, a family man with a gambling addiction, and will also feature Bernard Hill as Bing’s father George as well as Cash himself.

Filming is underway and the show is due to air in autumn. It sounds promising to me – no-one plays dysfunctional characters quite like Coogan and both he and Cash are incredibly good at finding the right balance between comedy and pathos to make such characters work.

The full story can be found here.

What’s occurring?

Well done Gavin and Stacey, for last night’s incredibly well-deserved double BAFTA success. James Corden won best comedy performance for his portrayal of Smithy (against very strong competition too!) and the show also picked up the “Audience Award for Programme of the Year”, perhaps arguably the most important of the evening as it’s the only award not voted for by a panel of industry insiders. Other favourites of mine to find success were Harry Hill, who won the awards for “Entertainment Performance” (although much as I like Harry surely Stephen Fry would have also been worthy) and “Entertainment Programme” for TV Burp; Peep Show, which snagged “Situation Comedy” (again, against strong competition) and Heroes, which won the international BAFTA. Interestingly ITV only claimed one other award in addition to Harry Hill’s wins, namely for the F1 Canadian Grand Prix coverage.

A full list of winners and nominees can be found here, on the BBC website.

I didn’t watch the ceremony (I would probably rather stick hot pins in my eyes) but it seems as though it wasn’t without a small dose of controversy, which I am almost sorry to have missed. Documentary maker Paul Watson, who has previously been dubbed as the Father of Reality TV for his 1974 series, The Family, hit out at reality programmes, talent shows and “formatted” documentaries (such as Wife Swap) saying, “I’m certainly not the father of such bastards”. Quite. Not so long ago I heard a programme on Radio 4 about The Family and it seemed like an interesting, innovative piece of broadcasting (I say seemed as I've only ever seen the odd clip of the programme itself.) Today's slew of trashy reality shows and mock-documentaries are certainly not a legacy I would want attributed to my name either.

Instead of watching the BAFTAs, we spent our night last watching episode two of Chuck (once again very enjoyable and Adam Baldwin is pretty much playing his character, John Casey, as Jayne – except he’s on the right side of the law this time. Just.); episode whatever-we’re-up-to of Bionic Woman and, fittingly, the last in the series of Gavin and Stacey. Gavin & Stacey almost made me cry, bless them, but all ended happily and it bodes well for a third series. Mind you, I’m not sure I can wait that long to find out what happened on that infamous fishing trip…

TV Nation

I could blather on about TV for hours. Granted, there is some absolute bilge on at the moment but there are also some gems out there, both new and old. I think that almost every entry in my personal journal could be about TV in one way or another so in order not to bore everyone rigid I decided to create this group. The plan is for it to be a TV discussion group/community not devoted to just one show or set of characters but, well, anything and everything – new stuff, old stuff, the things we love, the things we hate… whatever. It might not take off of course and I may remain the only member but if anyone is interested and wants to talk TV then please do join me. And feel free to pimp the group anywhere you see fit!

You see, I love telly, I really, *really* do. Sometimes it throws up some unexpected little gems, such as yesterday’s Bless This House marathon on Paramount 2. Boyfriend and I were highly amused by one of the episode titles, “Will The Real Sid Abbot Please Stand Up”. Who knew Slim Shady was a Sid James fan?

After hitting a bit of a barren patch just after Christmas, the schedules have finally picked up again and there is a lot of good stuff on at the moment. Top of my list is, of course, the return of Battlestar Galactica for its fourth and final season. The first two episodes aired last week and it was a splendid opener so the next 18 weeks are going to be enthralling. In what can only be described as a TV bonanza, season 2 of Heroes will finally start to air here on Thursday. BSG and Heroes on at the same time?! Goodness me, such riches.

Over the past few weeks we have also been enjoying Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which has been brilliant but has sadly just ended (Virgin1 promised it will return soon but I’ve also heard it’s been canned – I hope that’s not the case), and Flash Gordon, which is enjoyable more in a so-bad-it’s-good way than anything else. Their Ming is no Max von Sydow, that’s for certain, and don’t get me started on the Hawkmen… The first episode of Chuck also proved enjoyable so we will be sticking with that too. Sadly, though, Bionic Woman hasn’t really lived up to it’s potential, which is a shame and annoyingly we missed the last couple of episodes of Torchwood after the BBC screwed around with the schedule.

There is good stuff still to come, too. Dexter season 2 is set for July and I’m also looking forward to Tin Man, which starts sometime in May. And, of course, Lost is back soon after it’s mid-season/writer’s strike break. Yes, I’m still watching Lost – although I’m still complaining about it too.

As for Dr Who… well, the jury is still out on this series. I didn’t enjoy the first episode of the series so much and liked the Pompeii one much more; last night’s Ood fest sits somewhere in the middle. But Catherine Tate though… I just can’t get on with her. I don’t awfully want Rose back either though so please, Mr Davies, just bring Martha back properly and let us get on with things.

It’s not just drama that’s been on a roll lately as there has been some great comedy too. Gavin and Stacey is *always*on form and we’ve also enjoyed or are currently enjoying new episodes of Empty, Benidorm, My Name Is Earl, Keith Lemon’s Very Brilliant World Tour, Have I Got News For You and Big Bang Theory. We’ve tried hard with Adrian Edmondson’s new show too, but it’s awful. Adrian is good of course but the rest of the cast are dreadful and the writing is pretty poor. In fact, the best bits are the ones reminiscent of The Young Ones and Bottom so come on Ade, why not just get back with Rik Mayall and make us all happy?

Finally, I’ve even been having luck with the repeats. Paramount gave me a wonderful couple of weeks just recently when they repeated a series of the American version of The Office that I don’t yet own on DVD, in the 7pm/8pm slot. If only Paramount would give me an hour of King of Queens, followed by an hour of The Office and topped off with an hour of Seinfeld every day, I would be the happiest girl in the world!